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Get a highly qualified
Virtual Assistant
to represent your business.

Get a highly qualified
Virtual Assistant
to represent your business.

Who We Are

We are Australia owned and we offer on and offshore Virtual Assistants. Our tailored services help businesses across Australia to focus on their core activities. Our superstar VAs are trained to be extraordinary.

What We Do

Our Services are an extension of your business

Full Circle BPO is based in the heart of Canberra. Performance, Professionalism and Progress are Full Circles’ company values that we consistently demonstrate in everything we do. We are not scared to be different and offer unique tailored solutions, guaranteed quality from scope to delivery as well as embracing the need to adapt and change according to clients needs.

Co-owned by both Indian and Scottish directors with a combined experience of over 30 years in the Outsourcing industry, they were eager to change the perception around outsourcing. All of our VAs go through cultural and accent coaching and are experienced with helping businesses across Australia.

Services offered by Full Circle BPO

Marketing and Social Media Management

Get more exposure by using an effective way to grow your business’ brand awareness, new customers, and website traffic. Creating and Editing Social Media Campaigns.

eMail and Chat Support

Prompt email or chat responses are the key to building a successful relationship with your customers. Our VAs help you stay in touch with your customers and build relationships.

Writing and Editing

Publish quality content created by top designers and writers to give you the edge in your industry.

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Keep your records and transactions discreet, diligent and in trusted hands. We ensure all your invoicing and day to day operations are taken care of including payroll and bookkeeping.

Admin Executive

Answering calls, scheduling meetings, managing business requests, and other office duties.

Personalized Service

At Full Circle our Professional trainers are dedicated to bring you fully prepped VA’s that undergo an intense and complete training module. From everything between communication and the skills that will be used to help your business reach its goals.

Project Management

Proven best practice strategies to help ensure your projects are completed on time and within budget

Design Services

We plan and organize your business's resources such as marketing material, logos & web design. Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Optimization.

Customer Service

Ensuring customer satisfaction through assistance and guidance.

Data Entry

Our Tech savvy VAs help you keep all your customer information up to date. Their natural ability to work on CRMs and learn new processes helps them adapt easily.

Why businesses around the world choose Virtual Assistants from Full Circle.

Passionate and Talented

We relentlessly screen for a meaningful business experience and desire to support a winning team.

Highly Personalized Matches

We start by understanding your unique business needs so we can  get you personalized support.

Over-the-Top Customer Service

Making sure your VA has a trained backup is one of our top priorities to ensure you never have downtime.


Free up your time and headspace to grow the business and Enjoy Life More.

Running a business takes a lot of time, energy and effort. There always seems to be so much to do. This can really stunt the growth of the business and become frustrating for you as you are not using your time, expertise and passion to get results and life can sometimes be filled with repetitive, mundane tasks. Maybe you do already have some staff, but they have been with you a while now and are much too valuable to be doing the mundane repetitive tasks that a virtual assistant could be doing.
This is where we come in. We help you take stock of what you are currently doing, what you SHOULD be doing and what you can get off your plate.

Even if you are not handing over the whole thing, there are many aspects that you can. To name a few – sending invoices and reminders, updating projections and payroll, setting up meetings, changing appointments and communicating with clients and customers through social media.

SO you still OWN the strategy but you can get a lot of support to help you implement it.

How Full Circle BPO Personalized Approach Works

We will help you work out what support you need, the type of person you need and the best timing for you.

We believe in being direct and honest and respectful.

We will honestly tell you if we think you are not quite ready to hire a VA and how to plan your strategy.

We value good energy, hard work and FUN!

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